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Tea Time

Posted by Kei Miyake Hoji-Cha (roasted tea) and Momiji-Manju (sweetened bean in baked cake). Tags: Greentea, tea, wagashi Source

tea & cookies

Posted by Emily My snack on Thursday afternoon: orchid vanilla tea and a Snickerdoodle from Bi-Rite. Tags: tea, cookies Source


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Honey Tea

Posted by Ellie Gardner Tags: ellieeille, macro, honey tea Source

High Tea

Posted by Daantje Doest Tags: tea, hightea Source


Posted by Lean Stone Book Club Tags: reading, coffee Source

purple tea

Posted by Robin McConnell DELICIOUS, it’s called swedish berries from coffee bean and tea leaf, apparently has hibiscus n’ raisins n’ shit in it to make a tasty cup of win, and it is purple so I guess that’s just fine Tags: tea Source

Tea Cups

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Posted by Corinne Paterson Tags: coffee Source

green tea

Posted by jillbertini at Aoki Tags: tea, food Source